What is the PBN website? How to build a PBN network

Links are an important component of the SEO process of the site. The more quality links from authoritative sources your site receives, the better its ranking. The mandatory point for promotion is the presence of reverse links. The most effective option is the use of PBN. First of all, it is worthwhile to know what a PBN network is, the advantage of its use, its various types, and what kind of PBN will help you in your SEO-processing site.

What is the PBN network?

The PBN website is a network that consists of a different number of sites, usually of one topic, to promote the main project using return links. Often PBN grids are used in highly competitive, well-monetized niches where it is difficult to get high-quality links at an affordable cost. Three or four controlled resources can apply for PBN status. The grid should be hidden so that the search engine cannot identify the relationship between sites and the purpose of their use.

Ahrefs traffic rises after the start
Ahrefs traffic rises after the start

Search systems have many factors affecting the ranking of the site, for example:

  • unique and valuable content;
  • the functionality of the site depending on the theme and much more.
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Links have the highest priority as a ranking factor for the search engine after work is carried out in general. The lines that form the PBN network are authoritative for the Google search engine.

Benefits of the PBN network

PBN building link method is developed for one medium or large project. You can fully manage the link mass, as you control the anchor lists and relevant pages – you can change them and add any links within the PBN grid of sites – end-to-end or non-through. The presence and use of the PBN network have the following advantages:

  • Absolute control of donor sites of links. The ability to independently adjust the density and frequency of displaying links in PBN;
  • The ability to experiment with the types of links and the speed of their display;
  • Ability to establish transitions and develop a variety of projects, including fundraising topics;
  • Excellent quality links. The ability to set guest post for SEO that are unique and single on the page that meets the given theme of the client’s main project;
  • Development exclusively for one project work. Total control over links, similar pages, and more;
  • From the main page – a link is placed to the main portal. This leads to a high increase in visibility and a high position in the search.
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How to build a PBN network?

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PBN is one of the popular SEO backlink service methods. Webmasters create networks of sites to control the link mass and regularly receive backlinks from thematic donors. This helps to improve positions in search engines. Designing and developing PBNs requires a lot of time and money. But with the right approach, the tool gives a good result in the form of positive visibility dynamics in organic search results.

  1. Domain search

    The first step towards creating a PBN website is searching for domains. If domains with a history are used as a foundation, you need to make sure that they have a clean history and no time periods with suspicious activity. There are many ways to get domains for PBN. It all depends on the skills of the webmaster, budget, and free time. Some optimizers spend many hours daily to find good historical drops.

  2. Content creation

    Even if the dropped domain has a good history and the topic matches the niche of the site being promoted, you need to invest in content and new links. Based on the drop, you can create a blog and use content marketing as a method of website promotion. There are many ways to create content: translation of texts, generation, creation of content from scratch, or transcription of audio and video. Without content updates, any resource loses credibility over time, and this will affect the quality of backlinks.

  3. Site network management

    Managing a closed network of sites involves periodic updates and health monitoring. If at least one resource from the list stops loading for a while, search engine algorithms can reduce its trust. The most effective PBNs are those that are constantly evolving.


PBN is the most high-quality and perfect tool for promoting websites with the help of search engines. The ability to use drop domains registered under different real names allows you to successfully hide sites from PBN networks. If you have the time and finances to conduct an SEO experiment, you can create several PBNs based on drops and newregs and leave a grid that will have a positive effect on organic issuance.

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