How to choose the perfect Guest Post Site for your Backlinks: 6 easy steps

perfect Guest Post Site for your Backlinks

Do you often think about how to find something affordable for your blogger outreach campaign and not spammy on this massive bulk of websites? Frankly speaking very disappointing to navigate through the sea of these autogenerated websites with artificial traffic numbers, cheating DR & DA rankings, and a bunch of spammy outbound links. Ok. We have some link building manual for you to avoid it.

  1. Double-check all the least you have got

    step1 double check all the least

    Sometimes all the numbers you got from outreach freelancers are outdated or incorrect. You need to recheck all of them and add other proper parameters from your point of view. For example, you can add DA in your table if you only have DR. Also, traffic and category need to be updated secondly.
    Tool: Moz Pro (price $99/mo) *or a limited demo

  2. Pay attention to the correlation between inbound domains, DR & DA

    step2 inbound domains DR DA

    Many webmasters who place guest posts prefer to cheat with DR or DA ranks. Very often cheats with one of two indicators. It is easy to understand when you have on one screen both of them plus the number of inbound domains. It is easy to draw a conclusion based on the difference between ranks.
    Tool: Netpeak Checker (price $22/mo) *or a limited demo

  3. All graphs must have smooth growth

    step3 graphs must have smooth growth

    Agree that the jumps on the charts look very suspicious. You can see this and Google too. This often results from artificially cheating indicators or placing doorways on the domain before. It is better to avoid such placements. At least they will not bring anything if sanctions have already been imposed on the domain for its dirty history.
    Tool: Ahrefs (price $100/mo) *or a limited demo

  4. Pick for you only live sites with real visitors

    step4 only live sites with real visitors

    Live visitors are the most vital significative to a genuine website. Link-farm doesn’t have them more often. Par excellence, you should pay attention to traffic from Search Engines. Because regular traffic can be cheated easily and revealed, but with traffic from Google SERP, it is not that simple.
    Tool: Similarweb (price $167/mo) *or a limited demo

  5. Don’t forget about Google SERP

    step5 Google SERP

    Check the general amount of pages in Google Index. Why do you need backlinks with a no-indexed site? Use the search query: for it. Next, try to reveal grey and black niches of content there. The search query will be: betting. If you are unsatisfied with such a neighborhood, then feel free to look for another site.
    Tool: Google SERP (price Free)

  6. And finally, recheck spam numbers

    step6 recheck spam numbers

    Finally, check the domain’s history in the web archive “Wayback Machine” and its spam score in other services. Since a doorway or a hacked site could previously be located there, and now a farm for link building. Such a site will not give away internal weight and most likely will not be helpful.
    Tool: SpamZilla (price $37/mo) *or a limited demo

Ultimately, if you do not want to do it all yourself, or do not want to pay for all these tools we already have, then register, and WhiteCat Blogger Outreach will do everything for you! Start making your blogger outreach better!

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