Big Google SERP update 2023: Favicon, Sitename, Sponsored label

Google does not often make any updates to Search Engine Result Page. Especially if we talk about permanent changes and not some tests in SERP. But users discovered differences related to Sitename and Favicon snippets a few days ago. The new update also significantly changed the Sponsored label for Ads on the desktops.

new serp

But the good news is that you can change these elements, and Google described how.

Site name management. Google explained back in October that Google Search uses several ways to determine the site name (brand) for a search result. But if you want, you can use structured data on the homepage to tell Google what the site name should be.

Favicon update. Google also recommends rereading the favicon documentation for updates. For example, Google recommends using an icon size of at least 48px and following other favicon guidelines.

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