What is Blogger Outreach? Few words about Guest posting

Outreach is a search for contacts and personal agreements with opinion leaders. For example, when you write to the editor of someone else’s blog with an offer to exchange links, then you are doing outreach. This technique is popular in SEO and is suitable for Blogger Outreach on a social network. The method’s primary objective is the posting of articles, links, or banners for the project being promoted on other websites.

Why do you need blogger outreach?

To write to bloggers and develop an understanding of collaboration, outreach is necessary. A wise choice of outreach sites ensures a high response rate and, consequently, a large number of placements; in this situation, experts can be of assistance. The outreach agency simplifies these important things:

  • Search for contacts – no need to create a database in excel and go to accounts. Just choose the bloggers you need;
  • Sending – no need to create letters to each influencer yourself;
  • Compiling a proposal – there is a special form for you to describe everything;
  • Correspondence – you can correspond on your own or with the help of professionals. You can always track and check the accuracy of your requests and suggestions of bloggers in correspondence.
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How to conduct Blogger Outreach?

Blogger Outreach can be run in three easy steps:

  1. Gather a list of relevant placements.
  2. Find contacts of bloggers, editors, or webmasters of these sites.
  3. Arrange for publication.

In order for outreach promotion to be successful, it is not enough to collect a list of suitable sites and send letters to bloggers. It’s crucial to avoid getting caught up in promotion strategies for the effective placement of publications on any subject. Consider high-quality strategy and content first. When it comes to a long-term reputation-building strategy,Β high-quality backlinksΒ are a great tool. If you want to establish your authority and focus more on the caliber of your visitors and leads than the number, guest articles are beneficial.

What you need to know about guest posting

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Guest posting is a method of website or blog promotion: you publish an article on a third-party web resource that contains a backlink to your website. This allows you to attract visitors and build a link profile. To maximize the effectiveness of guest posting, follow these simple tips:

  1. The right content platform

    Select platforms for publishing content and bloggers manually. You need to look at everything: blog rating, traffic, user activity.

  2. Discuss all the requirements

    Before writing a guest post, discuss with the blogger all the requirements: the amount of text, the presence of pictures, and uniqueness. This will help avoid unnecessary problems in the future.

  3. Carefully prepared text

    Remember that guest posts are not advertisements. Therefore, you should not devote the entire text to the benefits of a product or service. Enough of a small hint, left by chance. If users see the overtly promotional nature of the content, they will not read it. And even more so, they will not follow the link left.

  4. Try to connect with everyone

    Do not be afraid to contact the top bloggers of popular sites. So you get a quality link from a top site.

Backlinking or link building is the process of building links to your site. Each link means someone is trying to let others know about some interesting page they found on your site. Thus, the number of links is an indication of the popularity and reputation of a page. There are many different link building strategies. Some Internet marketers use only blogs and forums, others are engaged in article promotion and buy so-called eternal links, and still, others use only temporary links. At the moment, the combination of all link building methods gives the greatest effect. That is, the more diverse the link mass of your site, the better.

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Ahrefs backlinks and domains growth
Ahrefs backlinks and domains growth

The easiest way to get blogger backlinks is to have helpful content on the site that the blogger will like, and users will link to it themselves. Other link building methods mean using blogs and forums where you can participate in discussions and also promote your site by linking to your site in the comments.


Blogger Outreach is a method of organic link building that is used in SEO website promotion. The fundamental difference between outreach and other activities for obtaining links is to attract sites with a relevant audience. This is not about technical progress in the eyes of algorithms but about communication with real people on third-party sites. To conduct blogger outreach, you need to collect a database of potential bloggers and negotiate for paid or free placement. It is essential to target the content and audience needs of a potential blogger in order to offer relevant content and increase the chances of publication.


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