Understanding Google search engine ranking

When it comes to getting your site in front of possible readers, Google search is king. The majority of clicks on your site will be generated from Google Search and it is vital to maximizing your positioning within the search results. Understanding Google Search and the ranking system it uses can help you get the most out of your website and maximize traffic from search engines.

What is Google’s Search Engine Ranking?

Google search engine ranking is the order in which sites are presented to a user when certain key phrases or words are entered into Google search. When a user searches for a word or phrase, Google returns a list of sites that contain the information that a user is searching for with the most useful sites at the top of the page and then listed in descending order. The Google search engine ranking is a tool that Google uses to present the most relevant and useful sites to the end user based on the terms that are entered into the search bar.

step5 Google SERP
Google Search results PAge (SERP)

How does Google Rank Sites?

Google uses a complicated algorithm with over 200 known factors to rank sites based on relevancy and usefulness concerning specific search terms. Google uses web crawling programs to search web pages for keywords and phrases that it deems relevant for each search query. The algorithm assesses your site’s relevance and pulls out key phrases from popular searches. The more key phrases or words that your site contains, the more likely it is to climb in the rankings. While much of the Google algorithm is not made public, it is clear that utilizing commonly searched phrases and linking to other sources can help your site climb the Google search rankings.

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What does Google use to determine ranking?

While many of the factors that Google’s algorithm measures are not made public, many factors have been found to improve rankings. Below, we will list the aspects that influence Google’s decision.

What’s on The Page

Google takes into account the actual content presented on the page when it considers where you rank in the search engine results. Google is looking for unique and accurate content that is both helpful and in-depth. Part of what is measured to determine the usefulness of the content on the page is keywords derived from common search queries around similar topics. If your page contains the keywords that are often searched and also provides high-quality information surrounding those keywords, Google is more likely to rank you higher in the search results.

screaming frog scan
Internal website audit with Screaming Frog SEO Spider software

Google also measures how effective your website is at helping those who visit. They measure how long the average visitor spends on your site, how many times they click on your site, and how often they use your embedded links to continue to learn more. They also measure the presentation of your website. A more visually appealing site is far more likely to get a better ranking in search results.

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What’s Off the Page

Google search engine rankings also consider all of the things done outside of your website that can still affect your site’s credibility. Off-page SEO is about establishing your site as relevant, trustworthy, and authoritative so that the Google Search Algorithm ranks your site higher on the search engine rankings. Off-page SEO works to improve rankings by addressing how many times your site is mentioned or linked to other sites. Google also looks at the quality and credibility of the sites that link to your site. The more reputable sites you have that link to your site the more likely you are to improve your search engine ranking.

semrush dashboard
Backlink profile in Semrush tool

How can you improve your Google search engine ranking?

The most important thing you can do to improve your ranking is to ensure that your content is high-quality and consistent. The foundation of any website is the quality of the content. Great content will engage your potential audience and keep them on the site longer and more frequently. This can have a huge impact on your ranking.

Improving the visual presentation of your site can also improve your rankings. Sites that look great and are easy to navigate make it easier for visitors to spend more time on your site. A great-looking site can also help build credibility and increase your opportunity of building high-quality backlinks on other reputable sites.

Backlink building is also a great way to improve your rankings by establishing your authority as a credible site. Placing links to your site on other high-quality sites acts as a vote of confidence that other sites trust your content as accurate and authoritative. Google determines the credibility of your site based on how many other good sites trust your content enough to link to it. You can build backlinks through guest posting on other sites. You can also build your natural link profile with a good mix of dofollow and nofollow links that prove to Google that your site is genuine and not a scam.

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seo linkbuilding
Link building with WhiteCat Blogger Outreach service

The final way that you can improve your Google search engine ranking is to utilize well-organized keywords. Including SEO keywords in your content will show Google that you are writing about the topics that are most commonly being searched for. If your content is strategically filled with keywords, Google will mark your site as useful and relevant to visitors’ queries. To get the most out of your keywords you will need to research the terms that are most frequently searched for in your niche and include those words in your content.

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