Types of blogger outreach and necessary tools for the outreach campaign

Now not only global brands are actively cooperating with bloggers, but also small companies that want to increase audience loyalty and stir up interest in their product. This is called influence marketing. Bloggers are advisors, role models, and owners of huge audience bases. And cooperation with bloggers is a popular and working advertising tool. If you need to build a reach around a product/brand, work with good bloggers and use static image posts. General blogger outreach is very high, as every good blogger tries every day to keep subscribers engaged to keep their profile active.

Tools for working with bloggers

The first thing you should think about is the financial guest post. Financial guest posting is a method of hosting sponsored publications that works based on the interaction between the optimizer and the external resource representative. Cooperation is possible only if the article is really of high-quality and value. Authoritative bloggers do not post low-quality content and prioritize the interests of the audience over financial gain. Not all bloggers accept articles from external projects and post content. If the material is not thematic and is not attractive to the target audience, it may not be posted, and the money for creating an article or post will be wasted.

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Ahrefs donors selection from the base
Ahrefs donors selection from the base

Advantages of the financial guest posts:

  • attracting the target audience;
  • link retention guarantee;
  • growth of branded traffic;
  • pumping link weight;
  • the ability to scale processes.

If you decide that such a tool as a financial guest post is yours, do not rush to post them on all blogger sites. The first step is to choose the right blogger. This can be done by analyzing traffic blogger outreach. Check the activity of the blogger’s audience: the number of posts, likes, comments, and saves. Therefore, it is essential to carefully analyze each resource before placing a link or an advertising post. Even if you have a blogger in mind for cooperation, you have been following him for a long time, commenting on his publications, and you think that he is ideal for advertising your brand, do not skip the stage of a detailed analysis of indicators: statistics, reach and active audience.

If you want to increase brand awareness to a wide audience, using a multilingual guest post is the way to go. Posting in multiple languages will automatically expand your audience reach and increase traffic and traffic to your site accordingly. In this case, you should look for bloggers with a multilingual audience and even larger reach, i.e., mega-influencers or macro-influencers. Often, such bloggers have from hundreds to a million subscribers, and among them, a large percentage of the audience is foreign-speaking. In order for them to be interested in your multilingual guest post advertising, this is exactly what they need.

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WordPress CMS

Link building is a working strategy for attracting traffic and website promotion. Many good bloggers are donors for link building. Link building for bloggers is a successful tool because:

  • A blogger always listens to his audience;
  • Posts and storytelling bloggers are always aimed at their target audience;
  • Bloggers constantly analyze their audience and draw up a competent link strategy;
  • Bloggers use only trusted links with no risk to the reputation of their blog.

For link building to bring really good results, you should select reliable authoritative bloggers for placing external links. It will be a good page support for a long period of time. What do you need to do in order for link building to be successful? Some critical steps will lead you to successful promotion and quality advertising with bloggers:

  1. Pick up valuable thematic content for users, which will be located on the page of the donor blogger;
  2. Develop a link building strategy for a good result in a short time;
  3. Collect a database of contacts of bloggers who may be interested in your business niche;
  4. Build relationships with a blogger, discuss all the nuances of advertising and all the conditions for working together;
  5. Work with the distribution of links, advertising posts, and other things for successful link building.
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In this way, a blogger can be a great connection between you, your brand, and potential users. Bloggers form certain images in the minds of the audience that are directly related to your brand and its concept. Influencers almost always approach advertising creatively, creating interesting sketches, vines, videos, and challenges. Such mechanics are actively spreading to the masses, and the company has a chance to get viral coverage. But don’t forget to analyze their profiles before you start working with bloggers. Look at the content, check how often the blogger publishes promotional posts, calculate the engagement rate and monitor the statistics. With the help of bloggers, you can quickly get the effect of advertising, diversify your brand’s advertising format, increase brand trust, and, of course, increase the number of engaged users.


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