The power of Infographic Backlinks: how to get them in 2023

Infographic backlinks have the power to engage readers and increase the number of clicks on your backlinks. The combination of striking visuals and high-quality easy-to-read information can capture a reader’s attention and influence them to click more frequently. Here is how you can include powerful infographics in your content and increase the traffic on your website.

What is an Infographic?

An infographic combines information with visually appealing images to make difficult data easier to read. Infographics usually contain a variety of visual aids like pie charts and bar graphs that take quantitative data and turn it into an easy-to-read graphic. Infographics are used to attract a reader’s attention toward boring or complicated information that they would usually avoid. The visual imagery draws audiences in and makes it easy to consume the data included in the infographic.

Why are infographics so powerful?

Infographics make information more digestible to the average person. The combination of intriguing visuals and striking information can help capture a reader’s attention while informing them about your topic. Studies show that infographics are liked and shared 3x more frequently than any other content on social media. A huge reason for this is the amount of information you can include in an easily digestible graphic. When explaining a complicated topic or presenting information with a lot of numerical data, a text-based article is not nearly as effective as an infographic. Text-based articles are 30 times less likely to be read than an infographic according to the Search Engine Journal. When it comes to increasing traffic on your website, a great infographic can open the door to 30 times the number of potential readers.

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What Elements help an Infographic go Viral

Creating a viral infographic can help spread your information far and wide. In addition, a viral infographic serves as a portal to your site. If your infographic goes viral on social media, every share is another opportunity for people to click on the infographic and get brought to your site. Here are some tips to help your infographic go viral so you can increase your siteโ€™s traffic.

5 Best Infographic Tools

  1. Visme – Create Presentations, Infographics, Design & Video.
  2. Venngage – Professional Infographic Maker. 10,000+ Templates.
  3. Canva – Free Design Tool: Presentations, Video, Social Media.
  4. Piktochart – Visual & Video Maker Trusted By 11 Million Users.
  5. Snappa – Quick & Easy Graphic Design Software.

An Eye-Catching Visual Design

One of the most important elements of a successful infographic is the design of the image. Your design needs to be appealing to look at and look professional. If your infographic is not visually appealing, no one will be motivated to read it long less share it on social media. If your infographic does not look professionally made, the average reader will not trust the information provided and therefore will not share it. A great visual design can make all the difference when it comes to drawing a reader’s attention and inspiring people to share it on social media. A great design will also make your infographic valuable to other blogs and sites. A great-looking infographic might be picked up and used on other sites giving you more opportunities to increase clicks on your image and traffic on your website.

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Accurate and Trustworthy Information

An infographic needs to have accurate and trustworthy information presented straightforwardly. Great infographics cite the source from which the data was derived and lead to places where readers can find more information. Presenting readers with the true and correct information can help you build trust and reach with your audience. The more your audience trusts the information in the infographic and you as a source, the more likely they are to share that information on their social media page. No one will want to actively spread your image if it is full of incorrect or misleading information.

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Active Promotion

A great design filled with accurate information will only get your infographic so far. To make an infographic go viral and reach a wide audience, you need to get the ball rolling with great promotion. The first step in promoting your infographic is to share it on social media. Not only should you post your infographic on your own social media accounts, but you should also be posting it in relevant groups that are related to the content of your infographic. Putting your image in front of more people who are interested in similar things increases the likelihood it will be shared.

In addition to social media, you should be sharing your infographic with other sites and publications. Seek out high-quality sites that publish content on the topic of your infographic. You are then going to send the image directly to these sites in hopes that they will include your image with a backlink to their site or blog. This will not only spread your infographic and increase traffic on your website, but it will also improve your site’s SEO. The more sites and social media that are presenting your infographic to their audiences, the more likely your traffic will increase drastically.

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How to start creating and spreading your own Infographics

Creating your infographic can be simple. You can make a high-quality infographic on free websites like Canva and Adobe Express. These sites help you design your infographics from basic templates and include all of your relevant and accurate information. After you make an infographic you are proud of you first need to publish it on your site. You can then start your promotion campaign by posting it all over social media and sending it directly to relevant sites in your niche that may be interested in using your design.

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