Social media report: templates, tools, and analysis

Social networks are basically known to everyone in nowadays conditions as a matter of entertainment. But also, such social hubs as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Viber are playing an important role in our society not only as a method of communication but, first and foremost, for work. Therefore, the future copywriter, marketer, or business manager must be able to report on the work done using these modern tools.

SMM is a special report that is required not only for management but also for your client because it is the report that analyzes your marketing strategy and the progress of your business.

And in order to do it correctly, you should:

  1. First of all, determine what kind of statistics matters for you – whether it is based on overall views or includes numbers of sharing or likes.
  2. Decide on a convenient monitoring period – either it will take a week or the whole period of the campaign.
  3. Select the report format you will use for the further presentation.
  4. Make the report simple and understandable to everyone so that there would be no space for any confusion.
  5. Focus on the main and well-known algorithm tools which are able to provide you with reliable information and statistics given directly by social networks.

Such social media reports can be made both by people who work by themselves and use stats in order to understand what way to move – they mostly create documents or Excel tables for that – or by established companies, to analyze how their production keeps up with modern standards – and here it is required to make up whole presentations dedicated to the report.

monitor screengrab

SMM Report should contain the following information:

– Community statistics for business pages containing leading indicators, such as coverage, involvement, number of posts left, spent budget for promotion, and statistics of paid promotion.
– Analysis of segments aimed at the target audience and their effectiveness. For example, you made a portrait of the target audience, SMM agency developed 3 segments for it and coordinated them with you. Further, with time and the proper management, posts were promoted for all segments of Central Asia. As a result, a segment started to behave more actively and performed more valuable actions at a lower cost.

The SMM report should introduce you to this information.
– Conclusions. This section should contain information on how close you are to your goal. What methods were the most effective, as well as a comparison with the previous registered period of activity on social networks?
– Action plan. The task of this section of the SMM report is to show the customer all further possible templates of scenarios. The value of the report is not just in statistics or statements of facts; its value is in the analysis and search for improvement options.
– A report on working in social media is mainly a set of data: statistics and numbers, which should be known how to use wisely.
What data and statistics should be in the report and why?
It should be admitted that amount of likes in each county – a demonstration of social proof for nowadays. However, when determining from where these likes are gained, there is another proof of how the influence is being manipulated by experienced specialists. And, actually, that starts a loop where people get interested in artificially liked content, it gets more popularity and organic involvement, then the interest is again kept artificially, and that again attracts views.
Which characteristics are the best to take when analyzing the results?
Generally, the involvement can be measured in different scales, but the main of them are:

  • top posts weekly.
  • top posts monthly.
  • top posts per quarter.
  • top posts thorough the whole campaign.
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You should also keep in mind that some companies prefer a strictly measured amount of days, like 28 days instead of a month, and, because of that, the dates in the presentation may vary a lot, or annually for a quarter, it can be replaced with 90 days scale, what, in someone’s opinion, can give more stable and accurate information.
How can you keep an eye on progress and use the information from stats?
Each company decides on its own what kind of information it wants more. Should it be a general collection of data gained during the given period or a whole analysis with a comparison of previous and nowadays tendencies – that is the question, and you need to understand the difference between these two kinds.

If you look closely, there are two main types of analysis:

  • Snapshot – simple data collection. No previous experience is included – just an overview of numbers per period.
  • The period over a period – complete comparison of current statistics and the one of the previous period. All the data is taken into account and returned to the viewer with the percentage of increase or decrease.

Social media report
Social media report


This social network brings together a demanding audience with solid life experience that appreciates high-quality and valuable content. The most significant number of people with higher education and influence on worldwide events are concentrated here. If these people are included in your target audience, it is definitely worth doing Facebook promotion or ordering SMM services in the region in which you want to be interested.
Facebook sorts posts in the news feed according to the primary two markers: the latest and the most popular. Popular posts include the ones with a large number of likes and shares, as well as content paid by the advertiser. This should be taken into account when creating and planning out your campaign.
Also, Facebook has provided ways to track the effectiveness of an SMM campaign. In addition to standard metrics, there is a Facebook option, which quickly exports data about user activity from the social network on your working space in any format you choose.

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On this platform, the content is in the form of short text messages – tweets, the volume of which does not exceed 280 characters and 140 symbols at first. The advantage of Twitter is its speed and pithiness: messages are quickly typed, and current news is instantly shared via retweets. On Twitter, you can add images to the tweets, use hashtags, and hold votes and promotions.
The analytics is pretty convenient to use and may be gained by any user – it is enough to open the corresponding link, and you can look at the data with no troubles. It is also sorted by various parameters, which makes it easier to analyze.


One of the progressive social networks that is developing rapidly and increasing in popularity among common users who are mainly interested in photo and short video content. Its main feature is a visual impression on a person, which is perceived ten times better than text. Instagram users show activity in the interaction between themselves and with commercial brands, for which it became much easier to introduce new products. All of this leads to the conclusion: this kind of social network provides the ability to receive instant conversions if you are promoting products (clothing, decorative products, cosmetics, etc.). SMM on Instagram works with tools that control the data on such aspects as high-quality and beautiful photos, hashtags, mass-following, and cross-posting.


The main type of content on this network is visual too, but with even more concentration on pictures. Pinterest brings most of the traffic in comparison with other social platforms and is suitable for promoting goods, services, and any kind of content. The only requirement is beautiful and high-quality images that really inspire and please people. Pinterest users react to the content exclusively emotionally, and adding a product photo to their board signals a desire to purchase this item. According to statistics, 62% of users plan to buy added products, and 21% of them actually buy, which are pretty positive numbers.

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What involves a work plan for the next promotion period

When summing up the data analytics, you should make a conclusion on whether you achieved the goal set, how effective it was, and whether you should continue working with this strategy or think of other ways to work everything out. The key points for it are informational content, clearness of points, and simplicity.

Remember that reporting is the most critical process in the work of an SMM specialist. Literally, that is the climax. And its aim is not to scare the customer or the head with tables containing incomprehensible numbers but to summarize the work and the ability to show the results even to an outsider clearly.
A good SMM report should be easy to read, even by someone who does not know the essence of the market project and does not understand the topic in general. Before collecting data, decide what information you want to reflect in the report and what to focus on after its analysis.
The end of the month can be a nightmare for SMM specialist because you need to prepare a detailed, accurate report on the work done. This work can be simplified and optimized in order to spend little time on it and not waste the nerves of listeners.
Marketers, who are mainly mediated between society and company, use many services for analysis and forecasting, so during the preparation of the report, they have to collect data manually from each advertising system and format all of it for a single presentation style. To speed up this process, it is recommended to use services that collect analytic information from different systems – advertising offices on social networks, Google Analytics, for example. By using neutral platforms for gathering data, you are now able to get a single-styled report with the click of a button.
All things considered, the process of making a social media report sure can be challenging, but it introduces in the result pretty valuable information crucial for modern world development and gives a clear understanding of where to move in order to reach success. Anything to add or share with? Give it a go!


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