SEO basics, beginners guide to learning SEO

SEO is a complex of various activities and tools, thanks to which the site gains popularity and is easily found in the search engine for key queries. During the existence of the Internet, the concepts of SEO optimization have changed: some things do not work at all in 2023. However, link building was and remains one of the most effective and still working tools.

Even those professionals and website owners who do not do it on purpose still come across this promotion tool. In short and schematically, the point is to get other sites to link to yours. Along with mentioning your site, the donor site gives part of its authority to the resource it refers to.

Link building is getting other Internet resources to link to your website pages. SEO specialists call such links backlinks.

The more backlinks your web platform gets, the more authoritative it looks in the eyes of a search engine. That is, all this is done for quality pages to become popular and liked by the search engine. In this way, organic traffic is stimulated. In combination with other measures, the use of backlinks leads the site to a high position in search results.

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There are many link building strategies. Some try to use all available methods, while other specialists concentrate their efforts on the most effective promotion methods and blogger outreach campaigns. Successful and common link building strategies are as follows.

  1. Copy the strategy of the main competitors

    This task has two main blocks. Foremost, it is an analysis of the number of backlinks on competitor pages for a certain key query. The second step is to get the same number or more links to your web page for the specified keyword. The best result: get backlinks exactly from those web platforms that link to your competitors.

  2. Working with guest posts

    Guest links are one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote and get backlinks. However, the guest post that contains the backlink must be helpful and valuable. Otherwise, online publications will not want to publish your material on their pages.
    The more authoritative the publication, the more valuable the link placed on its pages. You will have a much better chance of getting your material posted if you first establish cooperation with other websites. Gradually, the page rank will increase, and you will be able to ask for guest posting on more authoritative web platforms.

  3. Creation of โ€œanchorโ€ pages

    Create super-high-quality and interesting content that will be of value to many visitors. Let it be high-quality research, exciting infographics, or good selections โ€” something that other sites will be happy to refer to themselves and recommend this content to their audience.

  4. Adding links where possible

    Such links will have a low weight, but still, they are of significant importance, especially at the very beginning of work on search promotion. You can leave a link to your site everywhere.

  • Blogger backlinks,
  • In the comments,
  • On forums,
  • On sites with answers to questions,
  • On social networks
  • On job search sites;
  • In business directories, etc.
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This tactic should be used very carefully so that Google does not consider the content spam.

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Ahrefs backlinks audit

Google does not reveal secrets: no one knows for sure how the value of each link is measured. At the same time, special programs allow you to roughly estimate how useful SEO outreach backlinks from a particular website will be.

You can roughly assess the quality of the link according to the following criteria:

  • Authority of the donor site;
  • Relevance and practical benefit for users;
  • The quality of the anchor text โ€” it must be relevant to the topic of the target page;
  • The ability to follow that automatically goes to your site by clicking on a link.

That is, it is crucial to choose only quality sites that will link to you, and it is also essential that the link remains working and brings real practical benefit to users.

Maintaining links is as essential as building them. It’s critical to monitor links to keep them up-to-date and count and to weed out backlinks from low-quality resources whenever possible.

Firstly, you should work on 404 pages that have quality backlinks. Restoration of links and search for lost options is carried out automatically with the help of special filters and specialized tools.

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However, you may notice that some donor site pages are lost or changed, and links stop working. If these are authoritative and significant resources, contact the owners and take care of restoring the backlinks.

With this approach, all your work will not be in vain and will have a long-lasting result.


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