5 new SEO tips to help you rise in the rankings

Getting search engines to recognize your website as valuable isn’t easy. What follows are five new SEO website tips that can help your business get the ranking it deserves.

Use power words in the title tags

The title tag of each webpage, or the clickable words that appear in blue on Google search results, can attract viewer clicks simply by including a few words that grab the attention better than others.

Words like awesomeamazingactionablenewcrazyprovenstep-by-step, and results can galvanize searchers and get them to click on your page even if it isn’t at the very top of the search engine results displayed.

Keep searchers from pogo-sticking on your page

Pogo-sticking is a kind of searching behavior on search engines. It is when a searcher gets a page of search results, goes into the first one, retreats to the search results page right away, and tries a second result, only to back off again.

When a searcher on Google takes one look at a website and turns back, it gets Google to believe that the site isn’t any good. Pogo-sticking behavior results in having Google downgrade your search engine ranking.

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How do you get people to stop pogo-sticking on your website? There are a couple of effective ideas that you can try.

  • You need to use lots of subheads and bullets. When you make your content easy for readers to scan, they stay to read rather than pogo-stick out.
  • You need to get to the point as early in your content as possible. Use concise introductions, and don’t make the reader scroll down for the main part of the content.
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Delete pages that don’t perform

Every website has a few pages that don’t get any viewers. They just stay on the website doing nothing forever. While it might seem not to harm to let such non-performing pages remain the way they are, there is actual harm done.

For example, there are TAGs pages for WordPress. Try to remove pages and hide these pages from Google.

When the ratio of helpful content to useless content on a website is low, Google downgrades the site on its search results. If you have pages on your website that no one goes to anyway, you should take those pages down. Chances are that you will rise in Google’s rankings and gain more traffic for your website.

Perform an original research study of your industry

You need backlinks to rise in Google’s rankings. You don’t just earn outreach backlinks by publishing exciting content alone, however. Content that only makes for interesting reading reaches shares on social media, not backlinks from other websites. To get linked, you need to publish original research in the form of an article or infographic. When bloggers and other writers need data, they will need to reference your post and link to it. As long as your research is valid, the backlinks will come.

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Similarweb DIGITAL 100
Similarweb DIGITAL 100

Optimize for Google Hummingbird

With Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, the search engine does more than simply look for keywords on your pages. Instead, it tries to understand what your page is about.

To cater to Google Hummingbird, you need to include not just a keyword or two in your content but put related keyword phrases in there, as well. To find keyword phrases related to your main keyword, all you need to do is to search for your main keyword on Google, scroll down, and look at Google’s Searches related to a section at the bottom. You can use some of the variations listed in your content.

Getting noticed on Google’s rankings requires that you understand a few specifics about the way those rankings work. You need to keep Google’s latest algorithmic updates in mind and understand how Google’s ranking factors work.


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